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We at Hard Magic & TheMOV are offering internships. These internships are 6 months in length and unpaid. We are headquartered here in Santa Barbara and provide a unique way of training. We spend quality time with students and are looking for open minded well rounded people. We look for people who can come up with solutions and able to manage tasks online. We have over a million clients nationwide and are experts in web design, Iphone app development, book publishing, dancing, physical fitness, and more.


We are looking for Interns who are hard working and able to come up with solutions. Your responsibilities will be to log onto and complete tasks in the Lab. working online and/or on the Iphone gives students an opportunity to log in and work on hours they choose in an open environment as long as the tasks are complete.


Students will be required to pay $29 to have the chance of applying for our programs. However we can waive these fees if able to provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher and/or an employer. Log on to . Upload a resume, upload pictures, and give us info on what they are interested in interning with us. Interns will also be required to take a basic English test & also a business strategy test.

Once they have done all of this, the recruiter will get in touch with them.

How To Apply

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