Varsity International Summer Internship Program

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The Varsity Company International in association with various universities works with college students during the summer in helping them to gain the experience to apply the knowledge, concepts and skills gained in the classroom to an actual work setting. This is an excellent opportunity for college students to ease the transition from college into the real world.

In over 16 years, Varsity Company International, with its CEO Ramesh Retnam was an international student, has helped over 10,000 students finance their education. More importantly, the extremely challenging summer program is renowned for developing students into leaders and preparing them for life. Varsity Company International's mission statement is: "To help others achieve success through service-minded leadership."

Accepted interns receive over 100 hours of training in valuable areas such as the sales cycle, goal setting, record keeping, product knowledge and self motivation. Varsity International takes what students learn in a classroom about success principles or how to run a business and gives those concepts real-life application over 3 intense months. Those success principles become not just good ideas discussed in class, but rather life-long habits. Students essentially learn to run their own business selling educational books to families in their homes. Students from the same university relocate to another state during the summer, and then each one is assigned to a specific territory (typically divided by school district).

The intention of the program is to master a set of transferable skills that will be valuable in whatever profession a student chooses after graduation: communication skills, self discipline/motivation, confidence, and adaptability to name a few. In addition to incredible resume experience and personal growth, a student their first summer in the program earns, on average, $7,400 profit. Upon satisfactory performance their first summer, a student can spend subsequent summers in the program and even be hired after graduation for a full-time position with Varsity International or one of the other companies within the corporate family. The summer program also fosters entrepreneurial spirit, so that students who have great business ideas are coached on how to best execute them.


Students learn the principles of running their own business including how to keep accurate business records and the importance of providing good customer service.
(This position is also eligible to all F – 1 Visa International Students).

After the first summer of selling, students can be selected for a subsequent year of management training. Many students work several summers, gaining invaluable experience by developing their own sales organizations throughout their college years.

First year students earn an average of $7500 in commissions during a 12 week period marketing to preselected prospects.
(Although the long-term rewards are tremendous, this is a very challenging work experience and this is not for everyone).

Receive training on relationship building, problem solving, self – motivation, maintaining a good attitude and working as part of a team.

Career Placement Assistance: During the past two decades, Varsity Summer Internship Program has provided qualified applicants to firms across the country - from Inc. 100 and Fortune 500 companies to many entrepreneurial businesses. Our services cover not only resume preparation and career counseling, but also a full range of outplacement searches to help graduates make the right career match.

Travel: Students have the opportunity to run a business in a different part of the country, showing interviewers that they are mature enough to handle relocation - a major selling point in career interviews.


Students should be able to:

• Be teachable and follow the suggestions of our management team

• 3.0 GPA and above preferred.

• Strong people skills

• Leadership potential

• Competitive

• Maturity and initiative

(Relocation is required for this internship. Please contact us for more information about the details.)

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