Junior Advertising Director-Make $15,000 this summer

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Apply Online at www.WorkAtCrazyFrog.com
Make $15,000 this summer

We are looking for motivated self-starters who enjoy creative methods of marketing. Crazy Frog is a national home servicing company, and the industry is booming! Don't miss out on another great opportunity.

About us: Our mission is two-fold:

1) To our employees:

Provide select individuals the best opportunity, tools, and support to reach their personal and financial goals.

2) To our customer:

Provide security and peace of mind through quality products, superior service, and honest representation.

In addition, Crazy Frog is committed to Core Values. Security Core Values are not just something you read out of a handbook. Everyone at Crazy Frog–owners, managers, and employees – are required to adhere to these important values, which are:

Our Core Values


We take responsibility for the results we produce.


We keep our commitments and are honest in all our dealings.


We unselfishly serve our customer and fellow associates.


...Working for a company where your efforts directly control your income.

...Earning a paycheck based on what you personally produce.

...Receiving rewards and recognition in addition to a healthy paycheck.

Crazy Frog has been in business for 10 years. Our marketing efforts provide employment opportunities for highly motivated individuals.

Crazy Frog is one of the fastest growing Home Automation and Pest Control firms in the United States. We offer families the most advanced level of protection against fire, theft, and medical emergencies. Our offices are across the United States and Canada. Our mission is twofold: Provide select individuals the opportunity, tools, and support to reach their personal and financial goals. The second is to our customer - To provide security and peace of mind through quality products, and superior service.

At Crazy Frog, in addition to the money, you will gain valuable skills and attributes. You may be interested only in money. That's okay. But you'll inevitably leave with much more. We will teach you how to:

Communicate - Speak with confidence. Erase your fear of public speaking. Master nonverbal communication. Communicate using body language. Use your voice to your advantage. Communicate on anybody's level. Listen to understand. Control the conversation

Refine your Personality - Gain self-confidence. Be more assertive. Believe in yourself. Have constant energy. Portray confidence.

Work with People - Approach customers without fear. Become friends quickly with total strangers. Read people immediately. Persuade others to act. Relate to others.

Manage your Time - Organize your time. Plan your day. Become effective. Become efficient. Make things happen. Get things done.

Master Business Skills - Negotiate. Eliminate defeat from your vocabulary. Become a respected consultant. Ob


A strong work ethic!


Apply online at www.WorkAtCrazyFrog.com

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