Sales Intern for Sponsorships and Advertising, Finding Interviewees, and Venues - FT/Paid Commission

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Sabrina Rojek, LLC
9621 Aragorn Lane NW
Charlotte, NC
Posted: June 15 2016
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: 6 Full-time, Paid

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Available for LOCAL candidates ONLY.

S.EX.Y (S.oufully EX.pressing Y.ourself ) in Charlotte! Is Charlotte's hottest radio show that talks about sexuality, relationships, life, communications, as well as highlights local businesses and where the hot spots in the Queen City are.

We not only have the show, but we also have S.EX.Y in the Streets! where we go out with a video crew to the EpiCenter and let people ask their questions and give their input.

S.EX.Y Meets! will be our quarterly event at a fabulous venue.
S.EX.Y in the Shop! is the newest addition where I will film and record a show from a barber shop or salon to ask questions and answer questions. Cool event for all involved.

I have different sponsor and advertising opportunities which are also listed on the site.

Sponsors can be for an episode, event, or other by paying or offering free gifts or services in exchange for advertising.

Sponsor for show would sound like "This show brought to you by..."
They could also have a 30 or minute commercial in which I play their provided commercial
They could also have me endorse their product.

I also offer a membership program in which they could be involved in a different way as well at different price points. Which needs revision.

So I need business contacted to let them know about what I am doing with the show, how they can be involved and see if they would like to advertise with us including smaller business by providing affordable solutions.

I also need businesses and people contacted to be on the show with me which also costs $100. However, I would take on some people for free just to have them on the show for their opinion or experience and make the show more fun.

Lastly, I would want to contact many of the same venues, as we need to build relationship with venues for future events.

Lots to be done. Open to ideas and thoughts. See more and learn more at and let me know what you think!

I will have multiple postings for this same position as this has full time, part time, paid and unpaid possibilities. This is dependent on experience and how much training you require. Please be honest in where you are in expertise and whether you are looking for paid/unpaid, part-time or full-time. Certain sales duties are paid commission only.

This can also be in person and virtual. Let me know if you are available for both or one.


- Provide research on potential and existing clients and the competitive landscape
- Managing and following up on digital marketing campaigns
- Assist in identifying potential business opportunities
- Monitor news and developments relating to, or impacting, key clients/prospects
- Prepare periodic reports on screening, tracking, and monitoring clients and prospects


- Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and collaborate effectively as a team member
- Ability to communicate at all levels with internal/external clients by phone, email and face to face
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, Excel, and Power Point)
- A positive attitude with good organizational, presentation and writing skills
- Pursuing a Bachelors Degree or equivalent education


Required - B2B Marketing, Sales and Marketing, Brand Ambassadors, B2B Sales, Corporate Sponsorships
Preferred - B2B Marketing, Able To Multi-task, B2C marketing, Brand Ambassadorship, Article Writing

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Always be on the alert for potentially fraudulent job postings online - never send money to a potential employer.

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