You learn a lot in school about the world but it's a whole new ballgame when you have to go out into the world to find a job in the science and technology sectors. Give yourself an edge over the competition in the workforce by experiencing a science internship. Internships equip you with the tools and on-the-job training you can use to land your dream job in laboratories, research & development and other scientific jobs. Summer internships, in particular, are a good way to get your head out of the books and learn how to build, create, manage, or engineer a science project or concept. Interns get to engage with industry professionals in ways that new-hires typically don't: you can shadow people of different job type and rank within the same company, ask any questions you want without concern, and get training in cutting-edge technologies. Interns also are often given the opportunity to demonstrate specific skills or focus their personal interests on a specific project. These experiences give you extremely valuable insight into how specificresearch may work, how labs in general operate, and how you can tap into your potential. Internship programs for science are offered throughout the year in virtually every U.S. region, including New York, New Jersey, Southern California, the Mid West and Florida. 

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