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Social media marketing is a multipurpose industry often utilized in tandem with fields such as advertising, journalism, public relations and more. Social media jobs typically center on facilitating the connection between an organization and its audience by striving to increase engagement, communicating relevant news and updates, and managing the organization’s brand across multiple online channels. Social media professionals are responsible for connecting with both the target demographic and wider populations through tactics like brand management, community building, online marketing or content development.

There are a variety of career paths for social media marketing professionals including working for an agency, as a consultant, or “in house” within an organization’s marketing department. An agency typically works to develop and manage a social media strategy that will engage audiences and build brands for clientele. Social media consultants often are hired individually or in teams to organize a client’s social media content and leverage their media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Many organizations have social media specialists who work within the marketing departments to develop their own content and media plan.

Entry-level social media jobs will often require relevant work experience, typically gained through social media internships. Social media interns become familiar with commonly used content management tools, gain experience setting social media strategy and develop crucial skills such as HTML coding, copywriting, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Besides relevant experience, most social media positions require job seekers to be proficient on multiple social media platforms and demonstrate how to communicate with both the general population and target niche audience.

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