1M/1M Internships - 2014 : Geo-Specific Social Media Marketing

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Students, as you are gearing up to apply for summer internships, here is an overview of what 1M/1M [http://1mby1m.com/] has in store in 2014. As you know, our mission is to help 1 Million entrepreneurs build $1 Million in annual revenue. This internship comes with a 1 year 1M/1M Premium Membership [http://1mby1m.com] to those interns who complete 100 hours of successful projects, as follows:

The bulk of the internships this year will be around our work with social media. Over the past year we built a high volume social media platform [try it by following us on Twitter @sramana and @1Mby1M] with 200 messages a day. As we reach into newer and diverse geographies, we are working to devise and execute culturally and geographically nuanced strategies of social media engagement.

This is an opportunity to learn critical lessons in communication and marketing in the real world. Further you will provide crucial feedback that will help us to refine 1M/1M’s marketing model. The internship and the scholarship together would equip you with knowledge of critical aspects of entrepreneurship.


You will be marketing 1M/1M content and events (http://1m1m.sramanamitra.com/free-public-roundtables/) all over social media using various tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetups, Google+, Twitter, Quora, etc.

You must be familiar with these tools, and deeply interested in using them to promote the 1M/1M message.


Good language skills and communication are required, Marketing experience is preferable.
In addition, the successful candidate will have the drive to excel in an ambitious organization.
You must be passionate about entrepreneurship.

To apply, please email ravi.bulusu@1mby1m.com and sramana@1mby1m.com with resume and cover letter.

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