Become Fluent in GIF Social Media Internship

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Nutmeg Studio
23 Hoff St #23
San Francisco, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Paid

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Nutmeg is an app. Better yet, Nutmeg is a digital utility belt full of awesome gifs ready to be whipped at the faces of your family, friends, and frenemies with maximum emotional impact via the normal text messaging service you already use every day.

Nutmeg Studios is the stealthy startup that makes the app.

We’ve started something and we want you to be a part of the future-us that’s making even cooler stuff. Maybe even one day you can call us we. We’re looking for people—maybe someone like you—to talk, scheme, get into trouble, and laugh with.

We’re forming a band and making a wagon. Jump on.
LOOKING FOR: Someone with a sassy, mischievous voice who can speak .gif fluently. Someone who can go beyond scheduling posts and help grow a community. Show us what you can do. Tell us why you will help make our brand even awesome-er. Tell us how we can make you better.



+ Post to our various Social Media accounts (on tumblr, twitter, FB, insta, etc)
+ Put together a potential-Influencers and inspired by lists
+ Monitor and post on related blogs, forums, and social networks
+ Contributing to the overall social strategy
+ Contribute to activation events (marketing for, product design, SWAG, etc.)

Potentially (if you ask realllly nice):
+ Collaborate with industry professionals from AKQA, Nike, West (Tumblr, Jawbone, Rdio) and other top agencies in SF/Portland
+ Concepting and implementing a social media campaign built by the company


Practical experience with social media, either your own or for another brand. You’re hitting the ground running, we don’t have time to teach you from the ground up.

*Motivated self-starter.*
We will be right there to help if you ever need it, but you’ll be owning your work.

*Able to talk, willing to argue.*
It’s your creation, you’d better be up for defending it, so an ability to articulate and defend your ideas in a group setting is crucial.

*Ability to tell a great story.*
With words and/or visuals. Give us examples of what you’ve done.

*Copywriting experience a plus.*
Can you stick to a particular brand voice? Write multiple alternates for the same line? Quickly?

*Attention to detail and timelines.*
Make sure the right post goes out at the right time on the right platform. That jazz.

*Show us what you’ve done in an online portfolio.*
Please, only your best work. Even if it’s not entirely domain to .gifs or apps, we want to see what you’re proud of.

How To Apply

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