Business development, research assistant, networking and social media internship

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T. M. Memorial foundation is a small non profit organization focused on cancer research fundraising and education in the STEM areas. Although this is an unpaid internship the experience is priceless and there is room for growth and advancement.

Ideal candidates are capable of multitasking, following through on assignments in a time sensitive manner and be willing to dedicate at least 15 hours a week to working on a project. This job is not robotic or monotonous task, there will always be new incoming assignments.

We are project based not hourly based.

All majors are welcome to apply.
This is a job were being on twitter and facebook all day will probably not work against you long as you get your work done.


Building relationships with corporate sponsors, requesting corporate donations, using social media to build the T. M. Memorial Brand, fostering relationships with institutions of higher learning for promotion of the college prep program.


You be able to be professional and conduct yourself as such when working.
Research into varying companies, fields of study or institutions of higher learning.
Social Media promotion of T.M. Memorial and affiliates.

How To Apply

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