Communications / Acting Coach is seeking a motivated Social Media Intern

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Posted: 590 days ago
Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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A prominent Communications / Acting Coach is seeking a motivated Social Media Intern to help market and develop a versatile campaign for his business located in the heart of New York City’s Times Square. For knowledgeable and tech-savvy candidates, this position provides a unique opportunity to both learn and contribute on a macro and micro scale to the operation of a niche business.

We are looking for the person who is eager to make an immediate difference; someone who is both a creative thinker and proactive. Open-mindedness, flexibility and a great attitude are valued highly. This position would be able to work off-site in a convenient, virtual capacity.



• Contribute to developing a clear Social Media campaign for both divisions of business
• Keep up and maintain Social Media outlets

We are looking to hire the right person as soon as May 1st and keep them on for as long as Six Months past a short probationary period. Experiential compensation and school credit are offered in lieu of hourly wage. However, this internship affords an opportunity to gather a deep and rich portfolio of experience with the potential to create a paid position after the internship period is complete.



• Trustworthy
• Open-minded, flexible and has a great attitude
• Self-motivated, organized and communicative
• Understands the Business to Business market
• Expert on the back-end of Wordpress, experience with basics of web-design (ie: input plugs, widgets etc…)
• Experience with marketing to Corporate Businesses in NY/US via new websites, Linkdin, Twitter, Facebook, (Fortune 500) to create traffic etc…
• Able to compile and create a new mailing list from above traffic
• Gather relevant articles and information to post/blog
• Experience with marketing events/workshops in NY/US via new websites, theatrical associations, Linkdin, Twitter, Facebook, to create traffic etc…

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