Communications Intern for Social Media Company (HTML / Photoshop)

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Our mission is to tap into the world’s emotional energy to empower humanity. We have two social media products, the first being WeChi. WeChi is an empathy machine that lets you share HOW you’re doing, not just WHAT you’re doing. Earn points by being a great friend, and use those points to help good causes.

It’s an exciting time for us, as we recently launched our full web version of WeChi, and are focused on user acquisition. As well, we have another product in development.

J Moses is the President, Founder, and visionary behind WeChi, and has over 30 years of experience in the traditional and digital media and game space. Prior to WeChi, he worked for Roone Arledge at ABC Sports, co-produced a movie for Lifetime television, green-lighted the original Grand Theft Auto at BMG Games, launched MTV in Russia, and most recently co-founded and sold Entertainment to The Hearst Corporation.

You’ll be working directly with Marketing, the President, Advisors, and Developers. We have an open office, so you’ll be in the midst of everything, and will work both collaboratively and independently. We’re here to answer any questions, and are also looking for your input on marketing and improvements. We will supply a workstation.


- Support Marketing in building out communications
- Design assets for web, email newsletters, social media, games, and presentations
- Edit HTML / CSS for email newsletter templates and our websites
- Test our apps as we develop new features
- Update website copy using Drupal, a proprietary CMS, WordPress and a json file


- Working knowledge of HTML / CSS (by hand, not with WYSIWYG)
- Proficiency in Photoshop for creating web and email assets
- Grammar nerdery for proofreading
- Interest in gaming/social media/sociology
- Comfortable learning new software, such as games, email newsletter services, etc

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