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WhoTeaches is a hip new online web application that lets you find classes offered by private educators and institutions by using your social connections. It inspires learning and creates jobs for private teachers and schools.
When you join WhoTeaches, you help connect your friends who search for classes with your friends who teach them. Even if you you're not actively looking for classes, just by joining WhoTeaches, you're already helping your friends and the rest of our community.

WhoTeaches is non invasive, spam free, and free for all, forever.

Learn more on our Facebook page:

We are launching on May 10th at 7pm PST and we're throwing a huge party at Cross Campus in Santa Monica, CA, to celebrate the occasion. See our Event Page on Facebook:

Since WhoTeaches is a community site and our success will depend largely on how active and dedicated our community is, we're looking to recruit volunteers/interns who would be WhoTeaches Community Leaders in different states around the US.

If you want to be part of a movement that will make the world a smarter place and help private educators and institution by offering them free social marketing tools, then let us know. Explain why you are right for this position and what ideas you have in mind for creating and maintaining a WhoTeaches community in your city.


We're looking for Social Media savvy collaborators. You should already have a serious following on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites, and know how to create, mobilize, and motivate an active community.
You should be smart and educated. You should care about improving education and making it more accessible, just like we do.
Above all, you need to be passionate about WhoTeaches and our mission.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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