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CareerEagle offers 1-3 minute job videos to help young people select careers and decide what to do with their lives. These are basically short informational interviews on video. CareerEagle is a career exploration tool, not a job board.Our service will be offered in multiple grade levels in every high school in the San Francisco Unified School District this year. CareerEagle is being used in other districts and in charter schools as well. There's substantial data to support CareerEagle's effectiveness. One key indicator: 93% of students who use CareerEagle would recommend it to a friend!

CareerEagle has raised angel capital and is seeing rapid growth. The company is in the process of building out its next generation website and tools. The team you'll be working with is top tier and includes a senior education professional, a Harvard Business School and Kennedy School grad and a senior sales executive with three decades of experience in the education space.

We are currently looking for interns to help us with content creation and social media tasks. It is a great learning opportunity for students majored in communication, public relationships, marketing & sales, and business.

- We are happy to help you earn course credit for this internship if you can provide us with the proper form and information. Please check with your school.
- You will receive $300 stipend per month for completing your primary assignment (i.e. 100 videos including 10 specific job titles). This stipend is intended to help you with your college education expense.
- There will be a bonus for achieving additional goals. For example, $50 for each additional 25 videos. $10 for getting additional specific job videos (more details will be provided).


You will be coming on board as a paid intern in charge of content generation and social media. This means you'll have two key roles:

1) Your primary responsibility is content generation. This means that you will:

a) Use a flip video camera that we'll give you, attend conferences and trade shows and interview hundreds of people. You will be provided a set of questions and liability waivers for the interviewees. At a typical conference at the Moscone center, you can get 20-40 videos in one afternoon.
b) Receive a list of specific job titles that you will be responsible to search for and interview the people who are holding those jobs.
c) Upload the videos to our site and fill in all necessary information related to the videos.

2) Your secondary responsibility will be to manage our Twitter feed and aggressively pursue relationships with teachers, principals and other education professionals.


-College student or recent graduate
-Strong verbal communication skills
-Strong written communication skills
-A willingness to walk up to strangers and start a conversation
-A familiarity with social media, computers and video

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