Digital Public Relations and Social Media Internship

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This internship examines the digital realm of public relations and how the ever-evolving web landscape continues to change the industry. The key channels through which companies communicate with their audience are constantly changing; this internship allows students to learn how companies communicate with their audiences, and how digital PR and social media can help a company accomplish a variety of goals.

Interns will learn how a digital agency creates social media strategies. They will learn about the initial stages of setting goals, evaluating existing channels, creating a social media strategy all the way through to the implementation of and reporting on those communications strategies. inSegment is a hands-on learning environment in which interns can gain knowledge of how to foster two way communications between companies and their customers, a greater understanding of how to leverage social media for marketing and PR purposes, stronger writing skills, and published works for their portfolios.


Desired concentrations:
• Marketing/Communications
• Public Relations
• English/Writing
• Other Concentrations welcome

How To Apply

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