Executive Assistant - Internship (Hollywood)

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7083 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA
Posted: 702 days ago
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Full-time, Unpaid

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The Executive Assistant intern will be responsible for supporting senior management in every aspect of the role. He/She must have good communication and organizational skills, have good understanding of MS Office products and be seeking a role in a fast growing cutting edge environment.

Aside from the regular tasks, this is going to be a crash course in journalistic excellence. You will learn about social media, blogging, web development, Pay Per Click Campaigns, outline, create copy, edit, post blog, and engage in way that is extremely 2014 and beyond. You don't have to be fantastic at any of these things, but you will be by the time you are done. Your role will be in support of the people that do these things, more than having a responsibility for them.

We will teach you MS Project and other highly transferable skills.


Since April of 2012 - Google has shifted gears into the "I care about Content more than anything else" mode. It is for this reason that the search inquiries you make are resulting in better answers as page-1 rank. It is no longer about how many clicks you got, or how long your page has been around *although these things still matter* now Google can read.

Forrester's Interactive Marketing Forecast for 2011-2016 predicts that 26 percent of all advertising spend will come from interactive marketing reaching a grand total of $77 billion by 2016, with $33 billion of that coming through search. Thats a sick, unreal, amount of money - and you want to be part of getting some of that. This internship will prepare you to do exactly that! Although the report states that search will lose some share from 55 percent today to 44 percent of all interactive spend in 2016, it also states that “Marketers refocus their search marketing strategies on 'getting found' by users through any medium — not just search engines” making non-advertising strategy the goal.

"Siri, what is the most important thing I will learn in school?"

Google changes its search algorithm hundreds of times a year to increase its ability to consistently present higher quality results with less effort. As these changes happen, all companies, whether new or old in the search optimization game must adapt and change. Companies focused on content creation with increased optimization will grow faster than any other segment.

Search Engine Studio is the premier SEO marketing consultancy, specializing in search engine/experience optimization and integrated marketing, applying a proprietary and proven methodology to enable connections between your company and your consumers; We do this by first letting the internet know that you exist, and then training the search engines to present your firm’s product/services to your target audience/consumers.


• BS Degree in Communications, New Media, Journalism, Marketing or related field, MBA preferred.
• Highly analytical thinker (any creative/conceptual thinking traits are a plus) 1-4 years professional advertising, interactive or multimedia experience
• Digital Agency, Social Media Agency or Client side experience within same sphere
• Some knowledge of HTML and Wordpress helpful
• Strong verbal communication skills
• Work effectively in a team environment
• Ability to juggle assignments and tight deadlines
• Ability to learn new technologies and embrace evolving "best practices."
• Broad-based knowledge of internet design best practices.
• Have an interest in social and cultural trends and stay up to speed on emerging digital technologies
• Must use Mashable.com for research on social media
• Must know about blogging and also how to find the right bloggers for social media needs
• Project Management skills needed
• Know how to conduct internet research to find blogs, forums, discussion groups and online communities for each social media need.
• Must have negotiating skills - arguing for fun is okay - but setting up an argument on paper is impressive!
• Understanding of SEO principles is a plus.


Superior oral, writing and presentation skills are essential. The intern will need to work efficiently with several departments, including product management, sales, design services, event planning, client services and corporate communications. In addition to building relationships with internal stakeholders, the position requires excellent creative writing, project management, team-building, time budgeting and leadership skills. You must know and be comfortable using MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and have a knack for doing online research. We will teach you all the buzzwords and software to used in SEO as well as provide you with an understanding of the bleeding edge of one of the fastest growing industries. You should have a strong understanding of Social Media, Smart Phones, and a good idea why Search Engine Optimization is important for businesses.

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