Flasking.com: Social Media Intern with Creative Flair

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We're a team of artists, designers, thinkers and doers -- bringing art to the flask and flasks to people's pockets. Plain silver flasks are just plain silly. So, we clothe 'em in art and give 'em a good home.

Flasking.com is looking for a creative social-media-meister to manage daily activities on our Tumblelog. Flasking.Tumblr.com is currently in development and will launch soon -- a precursor to the main website, Flasking.com, launching for the holidays. Flasking's Tumblr page will be an irreverent look at all-things flasks as we take memorable moments in history, art, pop culture (and everywhere in between), and marry it with a flask and a funny caption. (Think: The New Yorker's weekly caption contest -- on crack)

At some point this unpaid internship may evolve into a paid gig, with other daily responsibilities, including managing a Facebook and Twitter presence. For now, loads of flasking fame and infamy will just have to be enough.


Ideally you will be very familiar with the inner workings of Tumblr, skilled at Photoshop, and have a highly active funny bone. This, in addition to success building awareness for a person, cause, or something of interest previously via social media.
If you're interested please get back to us with:

* A bit about you and why you're the perfect fit

* Any samples/links to your work, and social media successes

* Anything else we should know

* What you'd like to get from an internship and how we may be of help too (yes, it's a two-way street :)

How To Apply

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