Hamptons Real Estate Broker Assistant

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I manage a busy real estate office in Sag Harbor, NY. We are seeking to fill two positions for internships that could include some photography, some social media posting, hopefully some slide show editing and even some videography, servicing oyster cages and eelgrass beds dedicated purely to local conservation concerns. Additionally, tasks related to supporting a busy real estate brokers' advertising structures, deadlines, strategies, open houses and yes...even a balanced need to fulfill basic errands and tasks like snail mailings and email programs. The two positions include potential staging for a hundred career paths. Please include spring/ summer or annual availibility, interests and enthusiasms. Pay and housing are possible.


Principal broker would prefer not to micromanage interns, which often allows for independent time management skills with big picture tasks being completed at the same time multitasking for; furthering educational requirements, a part time job, travel, as well as free time to dream.


One position must show talent and enthusiasm in videography and photography, but no degrees are required. Ideally, this same candidate must have more than basic fluency in various forms of social media traffic, marketing and advertising...prefer experience over a degree, but both help. Another position could be an organizer capable of managing various projects relating to real estate and construction on or near the water. Ideally would have enthusiasms toward helping this office build crutches that would support our fragile marine ecosystems. Rare opportunity to support a bridge between financial concerns and the environment.

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