IT/Computer Systems Analyst Utilizing Google +/Social Media Creating JOBS!

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Ingenuity Marketing, Inc.
4940 W. Foster Ave-Suite 309
Skokie, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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We @ EcoFaire International Are creating an online Jobs portal that will support the following project-Creating A Green Industrial Revolution Utilizing Google + and Hangouts:

Green Industrial Revolution
EcoFaire International {IP Pending} was founded to create, implement & build job banks throughout our communities. Our work has spanned a range of underserved Chicago land communities in need of resource development.

EcoFaire International’s message, objectives, goals & aspirations are aligned with the Communities throughout the United States. Communities are now able to initiate this venture with little to no wait time, because EcoFaire principles have unlimited support within the targeted communities.

Green Civil Defense Network
Green Civil Defense is a call to action for strengthening our neighborhoods, our schools and transit system. Green Civil Defense Networks’ initiative will bring green jobs, while inspiring an enormous change within our communities on a grassroots effort to develop real green jobs, while acquiring a massive change.

The green industrial revolution, creating an economic corridor, to be spearheaded by the EcoFaire campaign, in the City Of Chicago, Suburbs, NW Indiana, and Ohio will encourage communities to invest in themselves.

Social Entrepreneurialism/ Making Communities Greener
EcoFaire International fosters education in your family, friends, and community. The World needs many hands to fix and rejuvenate our Planet. EcoFaire International is on a mission to raise 500 million dollars for charities around the world. As a result, this will create 10 million additional businesses and Non-for profit nationally.

EcoFaire International in conjunction with the Green Civil Defense Network will establish a National transportation service. We have advanced the opportunity to start building a Green industrial revolution through conservation, community involvement, and the re purposing of various types of vehicles with Nat Gas Engines. The EcoFaire will bring environmental services to businesses and consumers. It will save both entities money and rebates will be offered at the local, state and federal levels.

EcoFaire International will bring jobs to the U.S. and other global economies. It is vital that we attract entities and businesses that are committed to this same cause. There is currently a need for leadership to build a green industry. This initiative is an opportunity for the people within communities to be among the “Leaders” in our green industrial revolution.
We will employ other eco-friendly, technologically advanced products, services and ideas to develop the vehicles.


- Coordinate with teams to utilize technology to improve communication
- Contribute in improving functionality and profitability for computer systems


- Have IT competency in the following: (Insert relevant terms)
- Understand how computers and software can increase efficiency
- Possess skills in analyzing, formulating, trouble-shooting, and synthesizing

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