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Internship Opportunity with Alchemy in Action

Alchemy in Action is hiring interns now!

Alchemy in Action is a movable institute based in adding the most value to each individual in the areas of personal development and growth, and inspiring billions in the areas of success and empowerment.

Our school is based in training for success in the areas of success coaching, wealth mastery and an integrative method of physiology, neurolinguistics and bioenergetics called “Blissful Wings.” Our unique course, “Feng Shui and Alchemy for Modern Times,” combines the understanding of the Laws of the Universe with Feng Shui techniques. Our seminars in the Laws of Vibration, Attraction and Abundance serve to help students manifest the successful lives they have always wanted. These courses are not yet launched but soon to be an amazing value to those entrepreneurs wanting to work as integrative medicine practitioners or coaches. Each student will enjoy greater fulfillment in all areas of their lives, continually advancing toward their most ideal, joyful and passionate lives.

Other tools of inspiration include new and upcoming books, audio books, and card decks in the areas of personal growth, wealth mastery and self-empowerment, to provide a way to guide and inspire students on a daily basis.

As an intern, you will work with us to introduce our courses both locally and worldwide. You will gain experience that will look great on your resume, and receive services that are extremely valuable. You may also qualify to travel with us to assist in our international events. Interns are required to work 6-8 hours per week minimum. You may do this all in one day, or divide it through the week.

We prefer local interns (working in the Boulder/Denver area).

Call ASAP, we are excited to be doing inspired work with you!

Contact information below:
Skype: alchemyinaction


Interns must be skilled in social media and have some prior experience in basic marketing.

How To Apply

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