Marketing Interns (Who Have Opinions) for Exciting Internet Company

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Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 15 Part-time, Unpaid

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State is recruiting a limited number of pioneers as Opinion Leaders who will help us grow as we launch and blaze a new trail as a global digital opinion network.

It's not every day you get in on the ground floor of a new and innovative internet platform. Especially not one which counts Eli Pariser (of Upworthy), Troy Carter (Lady Gaga’s manager), Deepak Chopra (physician, holistic healer and new age guru) and Tim Berners Lee (inventor of the world wide web) amongst its advisers, along with leading VCs.

State is an opinion network for the world – if a social network connects you to people you know, State connects people via their opinions. You can quickly State an opinion, and instantly see where you stand in relation to others. And you’ll discover new people and topics, based on what you think.

To find out more visit, read the TechCrunch article here, or Google “state”.

Email a resume and max 150 words about yourself and why you want work with us to Specify one or more topics that you are passionate about and type “OPINION LEADER” in the subject line.



You'll get an induction to State, access to pre-release features, experience with an up-and-coming media start-up, and the kudos that come from being a State pioneer.
You’ll also:
- Be instrumental in helping State become the global network for opinions.
- Develop and execute an outreach plan on social media and other outlets to grow State.
- Create exciting Twitter, Facebook and other social media opinion posts about relevant topics that you follow closely.
- Post cool photos on social media about breaking news, events, products or other things that you have an opinion about.
- Write compelling opinion and blog posts about pressing topics happening in the moment.
- Connect with dynamic, like-minded, communities who share similar interests.
- Become an expert Opinion Leader so that you may grow your influence in a domain.
- Collaborate with other State pioneers and with State’s management team.
- Get access to exclusive hangouts with State's founders Alex and Mark Asseily.
- Gain experience for possible internships and potential full-time jobs down the road.
- Have the opportunity to be featured on and the mobile app.
- Have the opportunity to receive State



- Opinion Leaders who are passionate about social media and who like engaging discussion about any of these topics - Books & Publications, Education, Entertainment, Fashion & Arts, Food & Drink, Gaming, History & Event, Music, Politics & Government, Religion & Issues, Science & Nature, Sports, or Travel & Leisure.
- Influencers with 1,000+ Facebook friends, 300+ followers on Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest.
- Great opportunity for social media addicts.
- Those who are engaged in the world, have opinions online and off, care about being informed and connecting, value different perspectives and a rousing debate.
- Enthusiasts who have a following around their hobby, bloggers and freelancers who write about the topics above.

How To Apply

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