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Tarantin Enternatinment was founded in 2008 where the presiding President of the Corporation is a Legendary World-Renowned celebrity.

The Company has reach to over 2.5 Million dedicated Fans. The company has retained full ownership of its valuable Brands, which includes a diverse library of premium properties; Books, Movies, Mobile Games, Social Networks and Promotional Items.

The company is seeking Dynamic Marketing Interns for a 2.5 months period starting November 1st, to work remotely from Phoenix.


The Tasks:

- Promoting Global Brands.

- Communicating with international communities online.

- Contacting journalists / newspapers / magazines / TV, Radio Stations

- Feeding original content to social media outlets

- Passion
Hours & Location

- Company is located in Los Angeles

- Company has green-lit a set amount of interns to work from Phoenix

- Opportunity to work from home and/or a library setting under supervisor

- Upon good performance = Attending conferences and media events paid for by the company â?" expanding contacts.

- Upon an excellent performance = First option to join the company as a Director in the department of Sales and marketing.

- Upon a record-breaking performance = The intern would receive an Associate Producer Credit for LIFE in our Mobile Game to be distributed INTERNATIONALLY; i-Phone, i-Pad, Android, Facebook, Microsoft.

Great future opportunity, specifically for our top-performing interns.

Please send your name, resume, and availability over the next 2 months to
Thank you



- A strong letter of recommendation signed by the company and the valuable name of a celebrity-backed company for career progress.

- Academic credit if applicable for those in college.

- First option to enroll as an Executive behind the scenes of the movies.

- Significance: Title of Marketing/PR

- Tech Savvy, Digital Media Lover, talented social media communicator, a good magazine-like content writer, marketing strategies, perfect English.

- Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-Book Marketing

- Research, Blogging, Commenting, Press

- Design skills and other languages is a plus, but not required.

How To Apply

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