Regional Initiatives Internship

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Coming of Faith, LLC
Company Location: Washington, DC
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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Our vision at Coming of Faith is to define and develop the trajectory of the faith discourse of Muslim American women through storytelling and community engagement.

We believe that stories of faith should not be kept solely within the parameters of conventional religion, but also in moments of clarity, inspiration and growth through life experiences of all kinds.

The Regional Initiatives Intern works directly under the Regional Initiatives Director to spread Coming of Faith, LLC’s mission across the States. As a Regional Initiative Intern, you will help recruit Regional Committee members, who are responsible for organizing and creating events to share Coming of Faith, LLC’s mission, and assist with troubleshooting any issues that members may face while creating events. The Regional Initiatives Intern will also be responsible for developing connections with Muslim organizations to help establish partnerships between Coming of Faith, LLC and these organizations. You will receive support and direction from the Regional Initiatives Director, and will be able to join committee meetings and directly influence the direction of the initiative.


Recruit Regional Committee members;

Establish partnerships between Coming of Faith, LLC and Muslim organizations;

Develop events tackling identity, mentorship and faith within local communities;

Support the Regional Initiatives Director in troubleshooting any issues Regional Committee members may face.


You must be quick on your feet, willing to think outside the box, willing to work remotely and participate in changing the future of storytelling and narratives across the United States.

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