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LiteWork Events aims to restyle the social experience for young urban professionals and students in Boston by providing unique and engaging event solutions. LiteWork’s goal is to bridge the gaps between young professionals, their creative energy, and the potential to foster networking. Through its events and special programs, LiteWork aims to get young professionals together to capitalize on the value of building meaningful relationships.


* Interact via Twitter by scheduling tweets reflective of the LiteWork culture, following relevant constituents, and promoting upcoming events

* Interact via Facebook by scheduling posts, uploading pictures, and identifying ways in which to get new page “likes”

* Operate the LiteWork Blog to develop creative blog posts and encourage member participation in discussions

* Identify relevant blogs and other outlets which could post LiteWork's upcoming events


* Interest in social events and trends relevant to the urban lifestyle in Boston

* Must be able to demonstrate experience engaging audiences via twitter and/or Facebook, or through blogging

* Availability of 3-6 hours per week

* Must be energetic/outgoing

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