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Manifesto industries
22nd street
New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Manifesto Industries is a company of 'serial entrepreneurs' - we invest in and develop businesses. We are currently developing a couple launches throughout the year, but most recently launched ELEMENT, a brand of gluten-free snacks. We also run a sister visual company called Manifesto Vision. The company owners have 20+ years of experience in marketing, design, visuals and product launches internationally.

You can see details about both companies: www.findmyelement.com, www.manifestovision.com.
The website for Manifesto Industries is under construction: www.manifestoindustries.com.

We are looking for a marketing intern with strong knowledge of both traditional marketing and social media tools and techniques. We need a creative and strategic thinker, able to design and execute launch and guerrilla campaigns both traditional (events, PR, promotions) and digital (social media, video).

We work in a fast paced and entrepreneurial environment. A viable candidate needs to possess the ability to work independently, with speed, efficiency, and motivation.

Key responsibilities:
Manage social media campaigns, online outreach and content
Support e-commerce sales
Develop campaign ideas and topics across all channels
Product positioning and messaging
Website and social media optimization
Keyword analysis


Need to be in NYC and be available at least two days per week
Possesses strong writing and communication skills
Social media and technology savvy
Marketing experience
Knowledge in advertising and social media analytics basics

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