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The Social Media Apprentice is responsible for managing social media strategies for our various cooking and crafting web sites and communities. Each ‘community’ is comprised of a web site, e-mail newsletter, and social media endeavors (blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.). The Apprentice monitors and helps create to maintain best practices for the company. This role includes evaluating results to ensure goals are met and are in line with the overall company mission. The apprentice program is set up as a 13-week work and learning experience. Our goal is to teach you a new skill each week and for you to help our editorial and social media team on regular areas of responsibilities and special projects.

The roles and responsibilities of the Social Media Apprentice are constantly changing, but here are some current goals:

- Measure the impact of social media campaigns on the overall marketing efforts.
- Build and grow relationships through social media and public relations.
- Experiment with new and alternative ways to leverage social media to achieve overall marketing objectives and goals.
- Monitor trends in social media tools and stay up to date with changes and best practices in the social media space.
- Engage bloggers, attend trade shows, and develop mutually beneficial relationships with on-line influencers.
- Helping editorial team create, post, and evaluate content for social media outlets including Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook while increasing our following/fan base.
- Creating new blog content, editing, and soliciting blog content from guest bloggers as well as writing guest posts on other websites.


In order to be successful in this position, you need to possess certain skills and knowledge including.

- Social Media: Knowledge and understanding of social media (beyond just Facebook and Twitter) and how it can benefit our company.
- Marketing: A clear understanding of and passion for all marketing (traditional, new media, guerrilla, and ‘word of mouth’).
- Management: While you won’t necessarily be managing people, you will be managing projects and relationships.
- Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communications skills.
- Ability to engage media through public relations and bloggers through various activities.

The position takes a certain type of individual. The ideal candidate is:

- Organized
- Creative
- A multi-tasker
- Able to meet deadlines
- Detail-oriented
- Determined
- Able to take direction well
- A go-getter
- A team player
- A fast learner
- A quick thinker
- Professional
- A people person
- Confident
- A problem solver
- A great communicator


- College graduate, preferably with BA/BS in Marketing, New Media, Advertising, English, Communications, Journalism, or similar concentration.
- Strong understanding of social and online media.
- Interest in and/or experience with women’s lifestyle content.

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