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David Holland Enterprises
Company Location: Orange, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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David Holland Enterprises is an up-and-coming entrepreneurial organization dealing in social media management, reputation management, business development, customer service, research, and real estate. This is a Southern California company dealing with local, national, and international.


Depending on your program
- Daily progress reports are necessary
- 15 hours per week are minimal
- Ability to speak professionally to clients and possible clients like attorneys, doctors, dentists, accountants, business owners.


Depending on the organizational niche, the intern will perform a variety of interesting and productive tasks:
1. Reputation Management
a. Isolating online businesses with lower client ratings.
b. Research a found business
c. Preparing a report in terms of type of business, client reviews, and rationale for offering assistance.
d. Offering recommendations in terms of whether or not to follow up on such a business.
e. Discussing the recommendation with Dr. Holland for the next step.
f. Using a possible script, reaching out to the business to set up an appointment.
2. Data Entry
a. Using client surveys, input positive reports on review sites.
b. Contacting clients to see if such might be willingness to contact Yelp for a review.
c. Checking on Yelp reviews.
f. Client follow up
3. Real Estate
a. Culling For Sale By Owner sites for possible client contact.
b. Presenting a comprehensive review of property, listings, and sales.
4. Specific Training Is Available
5. Participation in bonus program is possible

Must have
- Unlimited phone call, web surfing cell phone
- Knowledge of Google docs, Word, etc.
- Cell phone camera could be useful
- Ability to use English well
- Car could be useful
- Positive attitude; go-getter; self-starter
- Access to email
- Possess skills in writing, presentation, interpersonal relations, and customer management

How To Apply

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