Social Media Assistant/Personal Trainers

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My name is Sidney Wilson I'm a personal trainer here in NYC. I'm looking for two or 3 female interns who have great marketing skills and creative ideas on how to get my brand and business to the next level. I'm also a fitness model for Wilhelmina. My brand and motto is GET VICIOUS just like NIKE just do it but with more meaning behind it and harder work. I have been training for 10 years and I need to the world to know my brand


- Coordinate online marketing and advertising campaigns and update Web sites
- Collaborate with the Communications Department and report to the Senior Digital Strategist
- Organize staff and community outreach to bring in more clients and costumers
- Write weekly blogs and workouts
- Create and hand out flyers and business cards


- Provide links to 1-3 social networking profiles to demonstrate interest and knowledge
- Possess skills in writing, presentation, interpersonal relations, and customer management
- Creative Ideas, flyers post cards, ads, promo
- People Skills, Communication Skills
- Love for health and wellness/Fitness
- must have a mac laptop or iPad for fast updates and to take notes

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