Social Media for Fall and School Year

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Greetings from THE LATEST (
Heard the latest?

We are a soon-to-launch website called "THE LATEST." We have an international team that is continually growing.

As part of our offering, we will produce webisodes in which we discuss "the latest" in news, sports, gadgets, gossip, wine, fly fishing, comedy, viral videos, the weather, politics, music -- anything at all. is looking to expand its social media and marketing team. As part of this team you will be working in close contact with the Video Production teams and off-site bloggers.

PLEASE NOTE: This idea is still in the early stages and we are pre-launch, pre-funding, pre-just about everything. We do have a demo site and we also have programmers programming. We hope to launch by January 2015.

We are a startup, so we are inventing this as we go along. We can't "tell you how to do this." So you have to be fairly comfortable figuring out the best way to go about doing this.

Understanding of using social media platforms for more than just personal use.
Understanding of Google analytics.


Come up with a great social media program for us, follow through, make it happen.


Smart about all the social media sites out there.

Able to come up with a great social media program for THE LATEST, the more creative, the better.

Good with devices (iPad, iPhone, android, etc.).

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