Social Media Innovator for Linkedin, Google+, and YouTube

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Imagine Leadership, LLC
1227 N. 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA
Posted: 595 days ago
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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At Imagine Leadership, LLC we aspire to create everyday leaders and inspire leaders like you to grow personally and professionally into the best you that you can be. We also aspire to help YOU become the leader you aspire to be, which is why we are looking for new leaders like you to join our team!

We are looking for an individual to manage the following social media sites at Imagine Leadership: LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. Our LinkedIn and Google+ group serves our community of professionals that are looking to engage in discussions about time-management, work-life balance, and much more. On YouTube, we primarily use this site to promote our vision of honoring and creating everyday leaders, help encourage people to step into leadership roles, release exclusive blooper videos for our faithful subscribers, and to showcase our interviews. For this particular position, we are looking for someone that is creative, open to learning new things, and willing to interact with our leaders in a professional and friendly manner.

As a social media innovator at a Imagine Leadership, you are the marketer, part of the energy, and the voice of our company. You contribute to how the world perceives us by managing, engaging, and developing original material for our social media sites.


Job Expectations:
- Create social media campaigns that include a monthly theme, a weekly theme, and a daily theme for each month.
- Develop cross-promo campaigns that encourage individuals to follow our LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube accounts.
- Suggest innovative and creative ways to increase our presence online.
- Work closely with the other social media innovators to work on monthly themes, weekly themes, and daily themes to ensure that it is cohesive.
- Interact with our leaders on LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube by responding to appropriate posts.
- Maintain our LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube site to ensure that any inappropriate or spam posts are removed.
- Manage social media sites using our social media management dashboard.
- Develop ideas to help increase the amount of followers we have on our social media accounts.
- Attend meetings with the Education and Community Outreach Department to go over ideas for campaigns, present new information and introduce new ideas.
- Attend weekly meetings with the entire Imagine Leadership, LLC team to present weekly assignments to the rest of the team.
- Submit campaigns to the social media editor to ensure that there are no errors.


- Must have or be working towards a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree.
- Experienced and/or familiar with social media user of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest.
- Innovation and creativity are preferred.
- Must have basic to proficient writing skills.
- Ability to working remotely or from home.
- Candidates with an interest in editing, social media marketing, and/or writing are encouraged to apply.

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