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Hit Records Worldwide
Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Hit Records Worldwide is a record label with offices in New York, Atlanta and Tampa. Our primary operations are located in the Tampa office. We incorporated in January 1012.

Unlike other labels we direct many of our resources towards artist development. We primarily work with at-risk female teens whose most precious dream is that of becoming a famous singer. We work with multi-platinum producers and many Grammy nominated and winning songwriters nationwide.


We are looking for someone that can run circles around the rest of them. Smart, clever, innovative and a risk-taker when it comes to new ideas.
We are a very special record label called, Hit Records Worldwide – we have a story behind our inception that would bring tears to your eyes. We have a mission larger than just getting the music out.
We are looking for someone that understands how One Direction was able to use social media to become a $1 billion dollar organization without radio play for their songs.
Work with and support the branding and promotion functions of the organization.
The pay totally sucks, there is none. But, this position reports directly to the CEO – which means every single one of your ideas will be heard. And you get to help build something that lasts and the CEO himself will be teaching you how to build a business from the ground up along the way.
• The single most important thing is to help us figure out a way to move to our next stage of growth using social media. We must now begin the task of building fan bases for our company, our story and our artists.
• Increasing the label's presence and market share – this task will in part become your task. It is more than just setting up the sites – we must find a way to make them effective.
• This is a virtual, year-round position – no specific hours per week, we are flexible and will try our best to work around your schedule.
Have an entrepreneurial sprit. Love pizza – just kidding. We quite frankly do not care what your major is - our concern is that you can make things happen. You can be a freshman, a senior or anywhere in between. Do you know how to get people interested in something using social media – if so, send us an email.
Majors - Any

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