Social Media Intern

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Multi-dimensional women ministry
Company Location: Phoenix, AZ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)
Timeframe: ? — 04/01/13

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We are a small start -up t-shirt company located in phoenix az we looking to grow our company through social media the intern that we are looking for, for this postion must have strong knowledge and understanding of the digital media land scape, including various social media sites. We are looking to build a page on Facebook and twitter etc. we want to launch a social media campaign the intern for this postion will need to posses strong critical thinking skills we are looking for an intern who will be excited to be apart of assisiting with the social media launch. this intern will gain alot of online experience. The position is unpaid you can recieve credit for this positon, or this can be for the intern who wants to gain experience. we are looking for an intern who can commit 10-20 per week 3to 4 months if you can commit to a year we will consider hiring you on part-time which can potenially turn into full-time employment.


Intern will contribute to the starting a blog and assist with the blog launch, will implement strategies to grow fanpage redesign projects in various ways.

Monitor and position blogs forums and social media networks, will implement a online out reach promotion using FB, Myspace, linkeden twitter and much more.

Website and social Media optimization
keyword analysis


Any student applying for this internship should be a marketing/business or language majors with 3 years experience on the web and a solid understanding of youth markets

Marketing, business, communication

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