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Ishimma provides hair care products of natural and organic based ingredients formulated to stop hair breakage and encourage healthy growth. We support accurate hair education, positive self-image, self-confidence, and empowerment for young women and girls to be all that God has called them to be. Most intern work will be done online, so interns are able to reside anywhere within the United States.


Social Media Interns will be responsible for:

Twitter and Facebook accounts:
- Creating relevant posts: hair style photos, hair advice, encouragement, and relevant news
- Monitoring and engaging in social media communications
- Replying to readers and providing excellent customer service

Building consistent buzz surrounding Ishimma and Ishimma events through social media posts
- Social Media promotion

Social Media Research:
Aggregate and/or find article and video content online that is relevant to Ishimma fans
Internet research to find and engage with social media communications
Track social media statistics
Website and social media optimization using keyword analysis

Other tasks as needed


- 16 years of age or older
- Interest in and Understanding of Social Media
- Possess skills in writing, presentation, interpersonal relations, and customer management
- Reliable Internet Access
- Interest in Hair Care, Black Hair Care, Natural Hair Care, and/or Hair Health
- Good Writing Skills – a writing sample may be required before joining Ishimma
- Motivated, Positive Attitude, Creative, Willingness to Learn, Attention to Detail

How To Apply

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