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Six Sisters Design
Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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hiya, my company is a small multi media design company based in new york city, upper west side. we take on a few clients a year, do several studio initiated design projects, teach courses in design, sell fine art, teach in several areas of fine art, and try very hard to keep those boundaries fluid. we also do some spacial design for select clients. i'm about to change the name of the studio and revise the mission statement to accommodate the above. i need a great social media person who can think on her/his feet to help me build a continually new student base for the courses and consistent new client interest.


find resources for soliciting attendees to the courses, build a new student base, post my work to on various social media sites like behance and flickr, post course offerings in all the usual places as well as some design sites, blogs or design associations i don't know about, attention to detail (misspelled words are not cool with me, nor are posts without live links for sign ups, etc), enthusiasm for the company and tasks at hand, a real interest in seeing the company grow and develop. though the internship is unpaid, any new clients or students coming from the efforts of my staff will be rewarded with a percentage of the sale of seats in courses. you may also take my courses if you like. and if interested, i will provide lunch and subway ticket.


experience in social media, experience building an audience, facility with hootsuite and mail chimp, and a willingness to collaborate with me to build a fabulous new clientele for both courses and projects. this will require a commitment of three to four days per week at first and during new course solicitation, and will cool off while courses are running and we're handling clients. new courses begin every eight to ten weeks. we should be marketing no less than a month ahead. i have new courses coming up early in september. therefore, your first responsibility will be to market the courses. i need about six students per each of two courses.

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