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AFM Solution is an all in one firm focusing on web and mobile solution for business or personal. We are able to develop custom solutions, optimize simple but sophisticated systems, market and track your end product. With our in-house team of experts who are focused on building a certain product dedicated to your business needs. These experts who spend time with you to understand your needs and your target market. We then analyze your industry and competitors before asserting our suggested plan of action. We create the simplest, most affordable, and easiest to use solution for small and large facilities. We turn regular day to day costs into an opportunity to increase your profits.

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-Working with our Marketing Manager to produce customer-focused, original content for our clients. Content will be disseminated on most major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit and Youtube).
-Interacting with fans/followers, answering any of their questions, creating polls, crafting engaging content and posting contests, promotions, deals, relevant news, videos and more.
-Blogging about the latest and greatest on our personal blog site.
-Conducting research on various subjects to discover trending topics and developments.
-Monitoring and interacting on our company's and clients’ social media accounts.
-Reaching out and networking with experts and agencies in various affiliate fields.
-Aggregating engaging content from all over the web and scheduling it accordingly



-Loves music (optional, but preferred)
-Active on most major social media platforms
-Up-2-date on latest tech and pop culture trends (MUST BE A TECH LOVER)
-Team oriented, outspoken, and an all-around OK guy/gal
-Majoring in marketing, English/journalism, tech, film or graphic design
-Previous work on social media / advertising campaigns
-Project management experience
-You write good
-Portfolio of creative work required
-Organized but not a neat-freak. Nobody loves neat freaks.
-Photoshop experience
-A sense of humor (Beware the Marketing Manager is a stand up comedian)
-Wizardly spelling/grammar skills
-You’re good on the phone (nice voice)
-You’re analytic, precision-focused mind can’t rest until it conducts proper research on an unfamiliar subject. In other words, you don’t half-ass your research.
-Have an inkling of what makes people tick and why they like the brands they like
- Experience with Hootsuite and/or Buffer
-Microsoft Office/Google Docs

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