Social Media/ Web Development Intern For Beauty Site

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We're looking for a dedicated social media intern interested in the cosmetic industry? We want everyone on our team to be our biggest fans to apply check out our Facebook page ( send up a post with your fave beauty content or send us a tweet @inzuriapp why your the best intern for the job and reply to our internship here.


Responsible for creating, maintaining, and updating multiple internal customer lists.
- Execute daily email blasts to specific customer groups.
- Assist with general marketing duties including promotions, direct mailings, and other projects.
- Create and update content / copy on site.
- Manage vendor relations and acquire useful and relevant data to be used on site.
- Update Social Media content: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, all relevant blogs and forums.
- Anything else that might help or be deemed relevant.


Your attention to detail and flair for creativity are the tools needed to succeed in this role. Experience with design and a love of usability will put you ahead of the rest. Your drive, curiosity, and proactive approach will help ensure your success as you eagerly learn more about our business and move toward project management.

How To Apply

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