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Every man has a different vision for his ideal love life. Some see themselves dating one girl at a time in the quest to find the perfect girl. Some guys have never felt physical affection from a woman and have forever longed to live the playboy lifestyle. Some guys are rather successful with women but would love to have a harem of women to choose from. Some guys get laid often but want to learn to become a master in the sack. Some guys are in a long term relationship and want to learn how to keep the spice alive. No matter what you want out of your love life, the concepts of awareness, communication and understanding of the opposite gender are all the same. The information is just applied differently based on what you want.

Our goal is to give men the freedom and choice to live their own personal lifestyle. If you aren’t taking steps toward that every day you need Spencer Burnett.

Spencer Burnett is looking for an outgoing male social media intern and assistant to help with day to day tasks about 15-20 hrs. a week, with the possibility to work from home. There will also be networking and social opportunities.


-Social media posts and strategy


-At least 21 years old
-Reliable transportation
-Proficient with social media
-Wants to have fun
-Available 15-20hrs./wk.

How To Apply

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