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[m]DRG's mission is to provide full service end-to-end marketing and business solutions for our clients.

Our "method" begins with identifying your metrics for success, what numbers do you look at to measure your success? Are they the right numbers? We identify these quickly for you. Once we identify your Key Performance Indicators we move to the marketing practice and systems audit so we can determine opportunities and develop a strategy for our business optimization and marketing efforts. Everything we do gets you "Setup For Success" meaning before we spend a penny we have all of the proper tracking in place to determine if what we are doing is successful. We handle performance marketing for brands who do not fear being bold, original and are ready for rapid growth.

Our benchmark for success is measured in sales and acquisition which is continuously monitored with our own proprietary tracking and analytics systems. What separates us from the rest is an experienced technology team combined with expert strategists and marketers who work as one to develop the most effective and optimized digital product for our clients. We get you more engaged customers guaranteed.

Internship program overview:
At [m]DRG we unleash leadership potential by providing challenging work, an amazing team, and time to have some fun along the way…

Challenging work…
With a commitment to only delivering “great”, we need everyone to contribute from day one.
You’ll work on demanding projects that will stretch both sides of your brain. You’ll be immersed in our efforts, at the ground floor, to shape a new organization in a field that is transforming the way we live. Interns will have clear roles and deliverables along with the autonomy to get the work done and to leave your fingerprints on the outcomes.

Empowering and amazing people…
Leaders don’t become great leaders by themselves. That’s why our team environment is so critical. You’ll immediately see that apprenticeship is part of our DNA and will help you ramp-up quickly, learn skills on-the-job, and get the guidance necessary to grow. Given the critical nature of your projects, you’ll also have access to, and interact directly with, our most senior leaders. You’ll not only have a formal mentor with regular coaching, but also will learn from everyday relationships with a diverse set of talented and supportive colleagues.


The Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for:
• This job reports directly to the Social Media Director
• Assist in the execution of the over-all social media strategy for [method] DRG clients
• Assist in Community Outreach/Social Engagement through current and new Social Media channels
• Help construct copy for the [method]DRG site and blog
• Social Engagement through various LA based mixers and events
Minimum 20 hours a week (30+ hours a week a plus)


Skills required:
• Strong verbal and written skills
• Strong work ethic
• Must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
• Must be enrolled in a 4 year college program

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