Social Media & Marketing Internship

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Ironic Music Booking Agency LLC
Company Location: Salisbury, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Ironic Music Booking Agency is the newest branch of Ironic! We are focusing our efforts on North of Boston (Essex & Middlesex counties) & Southern NH.

Our goal is to help musicians broaden their horizons and get more gigs, as well as help venues who are looking to get to know new and different talent. We work with everyone from single musicians to full fledged bands, and strive to find the perfect band to fit the venue, or help the venue expand to a new genre.

Ironic is also no stranger to promotion, PR, social networking and grassroots marketing. We believe in helping both the venue and the artist/band with promotion. We are strong social networkers so you can find us on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Reverbnation...and tons of other sites...just Google us and see what you come up with!

We also offer consulting re. all promo material including posters, flyers, mailers, emailings, press releases, radio contacts, etc.

Ironic is currently seeking an unpaid part-time intern to work via telecommuting for approx. 15-20 hrs/wk for a minimum of 6 mths. Local residency is preferred (MA or NH). Having a vehicle is a plus; a flexible schedule is a MUST! Some evening work required. Most expenses will be reimbursed. There is a also a small stipend.


The Social Media & Marketing Intern will assist with outreach, research and project related tasks within specified deadlines and take full responsibility for his/her projects. His/her foremost priorities, with no order of importance/priority, are as follows:
? Gather information necessary for the production of a local live music calendar to insert in the IRONIC MUSIC CALENDAR (IMC), published weekly in a free regional community newspaper, and soon to be published on Client’s website. This will require signing up for any/all newsletters including venues, local newspapers, online lists, etc in order to generate the information required for the insertion in the music calendar, as well as gathering information from venues’ websites and from emails which arrive to the email address, for which Intern will be responsible. There will be a strict weekly deadline to respect (Wednesdays @ noon to Client). The IMC will also need to be posted weekly on Client’s Facebook page. The intern will do this in direct collaboration with the Client – who will guide and structure this activity to assist the Intern - and all work will first be reviewed and approved by the Client, prior to sending off for publication. S/he will not be responsible for lay-out or graphic presentation of the information submitted.
? Take responsibility for creating events on Client’s Facebook (FB) page, in a timely manner respective of dates/times of gigs booked by Client, as well as tagging musicians and posting a comment on venue’s FB pages to promote gigs booked by Client.
? Take responsibility for keeping current the designated MySpace page, including creating an event or bulletin for each and every gig that Client books and sending out invites to MySpace friends, all in a timely manner respective of dates/times of gigs booked by Client.
? When requested, Intern will be responsible for tweeting about Ironic’s bands/musicians’ gigs on Ironic’s Twitter page.
? Keep an up-to-date gig calendar (online Google calendar), as indicated by Client. This calendar will also be accessible to all bands/musicians on Client’s roster, as well as to the general public, so a timely and precise update is fundamental.
? Post a brief description of gigs as booked by Client on-line, to a number of websites. List to be provided by Client. Intern may also be asked to assist in researching additional sites to promote Client’s gigs and/or services.


-Looking for someone who's very motivated, organized, self driven and proactive
-Excellent work ethic
-Interest in marketing, promotions, social media, and developing technologies
-Great familiarity with social networking sites
-Advanced experience with all Office programs
- Experience with Adobe Photoshop and HTML a plus/preferred
- Excellent writing skills
- Ability to increase subscribers to the website/email list.
- Heavy internet research and social networking and possible database management.
- Ability to increase fans on Facebook, friend on Myspace and followers and Twitter.

All selected candidates will be required to sign a contract prior to beginning a collaboration.

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