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The mission of Very Best of Virginia is simple: To highlight and promote the unique people, places and passion found in every corner of the Commonwealth through original, innovative and community-based coverage.

In order to grow our audience and influence in Virginia and beyond, VBVA is currently in the process of increasing our online presence via social media, including (but not limited to) Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. To do so, we are seeking a part-time, home-based Social Media Marketing guru to assist with the development of our online marketing strategy.

REQUIRED: Ability to complete three-month internship

FLEXIBLE: Start date and hours

INCLUDED: Reference for university credit and/or employment


As the Social Media Marketing intern you will report to VBVA's Managing Editor.

Duties will include:

- Overseeing VBVA's current social media outlets and expanding our reach via untapped social media channels
- Creating engaging, creative and relevant posts to increase readership and fan base
- Monitoring and facilitating communication from the public on all posts
- Creating and overseeing social media marketing campaigns, giveaways etc...
- Recording and reporting on the engagement metrics as well as website analytics, and altering/optimizing future posts based on these findings
- Coordinating with Managing Editor and contributing reporters to tie-in current content with social media initiatives


- Prior experience using social media outlets for personal and/or marketing initiatives
- A strong understanding of Facebook and Twitter communication norms
- Creativity, enthusiasm, professionalism and sense of humor
- A passion for celebrating and showcasing the Very Best of Virginia

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