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CrisisDefender, Inc.
Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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Do you want to work for a cool web start-up that is about to change an integral part of health and wellness in America? is a soon-to-be launched proprietary alert system that helps people in a legal crisis. Our services include a complete suite of solutions from bail management, e-reputation management, referral service for arraignment and release, to a 90-180 recovery program.

This is a health and wellness prevention app and our target audience is: immigrants who don't understand the US criminal justice system, first-time and repeat offenders and those enrolled in a 12-step recovery program. Currently, there is no web platform that offers this service.

We initially plan to launch in New York City as a pilot.

We need interns to build a social buzz as we work feverishly to launch the app and accompanying website.

The primary role will be making everyday Americans aware that an app exists in this space and that it can be activated in times of crisis.

You are someone who is extremely social media savvy and lives on Twitter!

We provide you access to a real fun work environment steps from the 23rd Street subway in Midtown. You come in anytime between 9-5 into the office and/or you get to work wherever you like. If you come into the office, you get co-sharing space filled with young, exuberant people working on their ideas every day. You also get free coffee, high-speed Internet, a free personal website (we highly recommend) and we will invest in your education as seminars and classes are held regularly. Some classes we will even pay for!

You will need your own laptop obviously or even an ipad or just your iphone! You can even take a quick nap whole you work on your idea in the Lounge!

For now, we can't pay you in cold cash, but these perks should get your excited and the conversation you are about to become a part of.

Please look at our landing page ( and if you have any questions, please forward them to


Just a zeal to change how people perceive jail.

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