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There are multiple internship positions open within the raina Belts .
Fashion Design internship position will consist of assisting the production coordinator in the design, manufacturing, sourcing and shipping of high end handbags, belts and accessories.
The Graphic Design internship position will consist of designing fashion lookbooks, branding images, emailers, brochures, pieces for editorial, buyer relationships, huge opportunity to grow your portfolio, must have a similar design asthetic.
The Pr-Marketing internship will consist of assisting the owner for a high end handbag and accessory collection. Opportunities to learn to write press releases, marketing, editorial processes, shoots, new product launches, branding, invites to fashion functions.


You must include this information within the email:
• Hours and days available
• How long are you looking for an internship?
• What are some conflicts you might have?
• Why are you looking for an internship?
• What skills or experience do you know that qualify you for this position?


• Creative
• Work well with others
• Accept 4-6 month internship
• Work 2-4 days per week
• All a plus on your resume Understanding of design, patterns, wholesale markets, shipping, Quickbooks, Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel, and foreign languages

How To Apply

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