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HIP HOP SAVES LIVES is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and elevating the global hip hip community. We do this through several program. Our main program is called KIDS HELPING KIDS. This is a after school program currently in the Bronx and Brooklyn. This program teaches humanity through hip hop. We have had tremendous success and are expanding fast. Each week we teach and issue on humanity, the kids write lyrics based on the lesson, we record a song and shoot a full length video!


We need help building our social media presence and getting press on the program. We have a facebook, twitter and a blog currently.

We are also looking for an video editor to help with editing the kids videos.

We are also looking for a personal assistant to help with overall daily operations for other projects.
For example we have a comic book project launching hip hop as a superhero.
We have a project that is a petition asking Obama to honor Kool Herc who is the founder of hip hop.


We are looking for someone to work 10 hours a week. Someone who is up to date on the current and new ways to connect with the world. Our program is already in Haiti and we are expanding to France and Uganda.

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