Startup Evangelism Internship (Yes, that means social media)

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We're an EdTech startup based in Kendall Square that is completely changing how young people prepare for college and careers. We are looking for an awesome person to spread the word about our innovations and our progress. It's a startup, so you need to be awesome and fun. Our founders are McKinsey & Company alumni, so you're going to get some awesome training in a great cultural environment. Plus, you're going to have a major resume-booster. To apply, use or contact us directly at with your pitch, your resume, and your social media handles (ProTip: put "Evangelism Internship" in the subject line). Go ahead: dazzle us!


- Creating a social media strategy and creating content plans (don't worry -- we'll show you how)
- Writing content and sourcing awesome posts to share on our social media channels (FB and Twitter are the big ones for us, but we dabble in other realms)
- Thinking of awesome ways to expand our following (ProTip: we'll ask you for your ideas in your interview. CREATIVITY!)
- Leading the cheer for our startup on the web.
- Reporting directly to the founders.


- You want to work at a startup!
- You have a great sense of humor, and like to have fun in the office.
- You roll your eyes when people tell you they haven't tried twitter yet.
- You love sharing awesome things on the web with your friends.
- You care about your online reputation enough to periodically google yourself and check your public facebook feed for inappropriate content.
- You like helping people who need help, which is why you are destined for true greatness.
- You were BORN to work in teams. Isolation is for math savants and novelists.
- You're on top of things, and it's obvious. You hate knowing that you're behind on an assignment.
- Yeah, you make mistakes sometimes. We all do. But you never make the same mistake twice.
- You want to be a part of changing education. Forever.
- BONUS POINTS: You're awesome in ways we don't expect. You have more social media accounts than our founders COMBINED. You eminate good vibes.

How To Apply

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