Video/Photo/Graphics with Social Media Marketing (This can be done as a Virtual Intern)

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This intern will work on creation of visual media materials to be used in varied applications but with a heavy focus with online tools for PR and marketing. Video or interactive Power Point accessible for online newsletters, press releases, websites, blogs and social media (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn) The position will allow the intern to develop a creative campaign that will have an analytics system attached to track and measure traffic results.
> Focus on electronic media and social media.
>Creating and submitting a creative PR proposal or Marketing proposal for consideration.
>The charity/nonprofit public relations campaign which will highlight the combined sponsorship for an event and require contact with business professionals in HR, marketing and management. An ability to communicate well and a willingness to improve communication skills will be required.
>Skilled in related computer skills, video/photo experience, social media, and mobile technology ability preferred.


May be coordinating w/business, events, community leaders. Creating and editing videos and or presentation. Social Media updates, facebook, twitter, etc.


Creative, video, photography or graphics experience. Social Media experience. Area of study flexible. Computer experience.

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