Virtual Social Media Intern

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Secure Window
Company Location: Ocala, FL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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Secure Window is a company that addresses the security, privacy and energy concerns of the internet.
o Internet is Not secure
o Internet is Not private
o Internet servers waste too much power
o A dedicated, Private server is expensive and requires an IT person


Secure Window
With only TWO watts of power consumption
(A regular web server uses 400 to 1600 watts.)
o Private
o Secure
o Environmentally; Totally Green
o Your own File storage, Web sites, Private and public Email boxes, …
o It can be turned On/Off by you at any time you want.
o The entire communication to your server can be secured
o Automatically Sync any folders on your PC/Laptop to your Secure Window
o You can Share any file or folder with anyone else; safely and securely.
(The other user can not access the files/folders that you did not share with
him on your Web Computer’s Drive)
o Each server is an independent, complete server with its own Operating
System and software
o You can securely store all your important documents, images, videos,
etc... On your web server and then put it to sleep. Wake it up at anytime
you want to use it. So No hacking and spamming can be done while there
is no power to it!!
Save your Privacy, Security and the Green environment

You will be working along side a dedicated virtual staff to meet the company goals. Contributing through content and weekly meetings.


- Create Original Content
for Web Site
- Help in managing Social
Media Sites Such as Twitter and Facebook.
-Research and Document
Articles Relevant to personal privacy, Constitutional right
to privacy, American Freedom.
-Develop contacts with
bloggers and advocate groups that are involved in issues of
internet privacy and personal freedom
-Respond to Emails
-Recommend ways and help
to develop Marketing Strategies Utilizing Various Social
Media Platforms
-Meet measurable daily or
weekly goals


-Must have own Computer
and Internet Connection
-Must have belief in
American Constitutional Freedom.
-Excellent Writing Skills
-Should be studying
towards a college degree(for Interns) or have excellent
language skills(for volunteers).

How To Apply

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