Web Development, Social Media and SEO Internship

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Stephen J Gaines
209 E Santa Fe Court
Placentia, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Thank you for taking a moment to consider my internship opportunity. I am a connector of people and technology. Empowering people and pairing them to powerful and easy-to-use technology is my passion. I’ve been in the Tech industry for 14+ years and 11 of those years were spent working for the two major Tech companies: Apple and Microsoft. Now as an entrepreneur, I provide my customers innovative and affordable web solutions that allow them to effectively communicate their message.

I am seeking an individual who would like to learn the basics of web development. This internship will provide a foundational and working knowledge of today’s web standards, development platforms and methodologies. In addition, you will learn how smart phones, mobile devices and social media have changed the way consumers interact with organizations.

Please note: This is an unpaid internship. However, the projects you work on will give you real-world knowledge and experience. Although, I can’t guarantee you’ll land a job after completion, I can guarantee that employers look for three things: applicant knowledge, relevant experience and success stories you can speak to during the interview. This internship will provide all three.



• Web site content creation and repurposing
• Web site asset coordination
• Social Media updates
• Code edits
• Site analytics


General Requirements

• Ability to thrive in an ever-changing, dynamic environment
• Passion for learning
• Interest in technology
• Energized by solving problems
• Eager to take on new challenges
• You’ll need to have a laptop - Mac or PC

Technology Requirements:

• Experience with a current Mac or PC
• Microsoft Office for Mac and/or PC
• Familiar with various Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.
• Experience with Facebook and Twitter – other Social Media a plus
• Experience with a current smart phone: iPhone, Android or Windows Phone
• Experience with an iPad or slate is ideal, but not required
• Basic experience with Photoshop is a plus
• Basic experience with HTML and CSS is a plus
• Basic experience with Wordpress


• I offer flexible work hours - I realize applicants may have a full or part-time job and I’m willing to be flexible
• I offer a flexible work environment – meeting in person is required

How To Apply

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