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Posted: January 21 2016
Company Location: San Francisco, CA
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: 50 Part-time, Unpaid

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DiverseRecruiting is a Collaborative Staffing, Talent Acquisition Agency Startup and User platform that aims to place qualified Candidates connected around you. Our global platform will be launching in beta over the coming weeks. We need Intern Brand Evangelists who want to participate in helping launch our exciting startup for the world and gain hands on social media marketing experience as we make history.

Talent Recruiting and Staffing is a $400 billion industry that continues to grow as more than 200 million new graduates become available for work by 2020. However recruiting poses many challenges for Hiring Managers to attract, retain and motivate talent. Unlike other industries, the recruitment industry has not been severely disrupted and methods of recruiting are somewhat outdated. Most candidates today still use job boards to find and apply for jobs. Recruiters and hiring managers spend wasteful hours sourcing resumes on job boards such as, or trying to contact potential candidates through profiles on Linkedin. is a startup that aims to organize the $400 billion Recruitment and Staffing Industry, through candidate recommendations on the platform and interviews arranged through recruiters we call talent associate partners. Our innately collaborative nature should lead to ongoing cash bonuses for successful recommendations curated within every candidate network. Basically, what we are building is the next recruiting utility beyond Linkedin. Candidates can register on DiverseRecruiting, upload a brief elevator pitch in their profile and invite their work mates, colleagues and even their past employers to join. No resumes are necessary on the platform. Next, a candidate or user can curate recommendations of talent they know about for potential hiring now, or in the near future. E.g a Professor can curate a recommendation of a student. An Employer can curate a recommendation of a previous employee and a candidate can curate a recommendation of a colleague they have already worked with highlighting achievements and milestones. When a candidate recommendation is hired by an employer through DiverseRecruiting, the user who made the recommendation gets a cash bonus reward. The candidate who is hired gets a signup bonus after placement, or if it is a contract assignment, the candidate hired will enjoy ongoing perks provided by DiverseRecruiting to motivate and retain.

Uber disrupted the Taxi industry by making it possible for anyone to monetize personal vehicles to transport passengers. Airbnb has also re-organized the Accommodation industry by making it possible for home owners to rent out extra rooms on a short term basis. Hence both startups have scaled their platforms within 5 years to become valuable unicorns with multi-billion dollar valuations. DiverseRecruiting aims to disrupt the recruitment industry by making candidate discovery, hiring and contract staffing seamless in the 21st century.


Interns who are accepted will be required to execute the following tasks:

1. Register as a User or Candidate for future hiring on
2. Invite friends, colleagues, professors and ex employers to register as users or candidates on DiverseRecruiting
3. Curate a minimum number of professional candidates you recommend for immediate or future hiring.
4. Invite professors and lecturers to curate faculty graduate students they would like to recommend for hiring
5. Invite ex employers to signup and curate a recommendation on your work as a potential candidate for future hiring
6. Invite students & friends to contribute to our commission based rewards Crowdfunding campaign launching anytime soon.
7. Share and evangelize DiverseRecruiting as a collaborative staffing platform on your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social networks
8. Pro-actively invite your network to our Crowdfunding campaign page and share with your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social networks
9. Actively share and evangelize DiverseRecruiting as a new collaborative staffing platform for graduates, post graduates and undergrads at your college, faculty and university.
10. Execute other creative social media and growth marketing strategies suggested by DR, or ideas that you may creatively come up with to help create brand awareness, branding and boost viral marketing.


We now require Intern Brand Evangelists to be part of our bootstrapped growth execution process. Selected Interns who understand and share our vision will be awarded Stock Option Shares as a gift reward for helping us spread the word. We are allocating 100,000 stock options specifically for Intern Brand Evangelists under a collective fund. Stock Options will only be granted to an Evangelist based on target milestone achievements. E.g. 100 registered invites and ' Y ' number of curated recommendations you make gets you ' X ' gift shares. The vesting period is two years and the company will pay for the fully vested stock options fund at the end of this vesting period and convert options to common stock.

Interns will also have the opportunity like everyone else, to earn cash bonuses when a recommendation you have curated within your profile is interviewed and consequently hired for placements through

We have 2 Cash Compensation Sharing Opportunities based on Curated Recommendations in your Network:

1. When a Hiring Manager or Employer requests to Interview a candidate you have recommended
2. When a recommended candidate is hired on a permanent or contract basis through DiverseRecruiting

The following Requirements are essential for Intern Brand Evangelists:

1. Graduate, Post Graduate and Undergraduate Students across all Faculties of Academia with strong networks within their domain are encouraged to apply.

2. Students who have a firm understanding of what employers are looking for to enable graduate or post graduate hiring for their companies.

3. Students who have the ability to invite, network, collaborate and communicate effectively with professors and lecturers within their faculties. The ability to encourage professors and lectures to curate recommendations on DiverseRecruiting of students for current or future hiring.

4. Students who can demonstrate any form of previous sales experience, previous internships at companies or volunteering.

5. Students must have the ability to evangelize the DiverseRecruiting (DR) brand to other students within their faculty , networks and campus.

6. Your ability to work independently with an entrepreneurial flair and responsible initiative is paramount as an Intern Brand Evangelist.

7. Interns are expected to demonstrate they have a reasonable understanding of Social Media and Growth Marketing/Hacking strategies through any prior work experience, research or college designations.

8. Interns must have the ability to write and express their curated recommendations with integrity and in an effective way that helps create an impact for candidates you recommend for hiring.

DiverseRecruiting will provide references as required by Intern for workmanship and task accomplishments. Http://


Required - Social Media Marketing, Sales and Marketing

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