Looking to level up?? Social Media Marketing, PR and Content Coordinator Genius Needed ASAP!

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Transformational Path
Posted: January 13 2015
Company Location: Redmond, WA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Are you a creative genius? Are you a social media marketing and tech savvy individual? If yes, this is the internship for you.

About my business and about the internship: My company is a professional development service provider (courses, books and personal/business coaching). I've been in business for over six years and I'm looking to take my business to the next level using social media marketing and content distribution. I'm looking for an intern to assist me with my social media platforms and in content distribution (youtube, podcasts, sound cloud, blog, email and newsletters). This position is for someone looking to gain more information about social media marketing, different avenues for growth and what works, what doesn't. This is a changing industry so this is for someone who is looking to gain more knowledge about social media marketing which you can put on your resume. I am looking for someone interested in leveling up their game using social media, email/newsletter marketing and who may also be interested in the personal/professional development marketplace. In this position, it is not just about posting to social media but also gaining an edge and learning more about social media marketing which will help you with future positions and advanced specialized skills which you can use on your resume to market yourself to employers. So this is not just a position about posting to social media but learning techniques which you will share with me and which will advance your knowledge base.

About me and about what I'm looking for: I travel a lot and have offices in Seattle, WA and Atlanta, GA. However, I am looking for an intern who can work remotely from the comfort of your own home in your PJs and bunny slippers! I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I have high standards. I'm also pretty easy going when all goes as planned and I have a fun personality so I expect that this will be a fun internship where you will learn a lot and apply this to your future positions. I also give KILLER recommendation letters!! I am looking for someone willing to learn as this position will also entail watching videos about new social media marketing techniques, checking out competitor sites in addition to posting copy and to social media. We will communicate either via skype, google hangout or over the phone. This is a flexible internship that you can do at almost anytime and anywhere. There will be specific deadlines to keep in mind however. Therefore, I am looking for someone who I can trust to login with my account information and post to various social media accounts and post blogs on my site, post to my youtube channel, etc.


The day-to-day responsibilities include:

Scheduling posts in hootsuite to send to my facebook biz page, twitter, linkedin & google plus.
Creating and sending posts via instagram.
Posting to my blog.
Finding new avenues of social media marketing, scheduling guest blog posts, and posting to my youtube channel, soundcloud & scheduling email marketing/newsletter marketing.
You will also create and update leadpages used for lead generation and sales pages.
You will also manage my email list, create email marketing campaigns and send them out.

I'll assign videos for you to watch and summarize to get the latest scoop on social media marketing techniques and we'll work together on social media marketing campaigns, building my email list, creating and sending out email marketing campaigns, newsletters and other campaigns such as video development for YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Give you other websites to keep track of and give feedback on other's social media marketing campaigns to keep an edge on competitors and in keeping content fresh.

We will work together on creating and following through on campaigns using email and social media platforms.

There may be more as we this field is ever changing.. The question is - are you willing to learn to level up your game in social media marketing?

I'm excited to get to know you and have you join the team!


The following are requirements - if you are a quick study or a fast learner and willing to learn these platforms that is great too. These will be used daily/weekly.

You need to have completed at least 3 years in work towards a bachelor's degree and have specialized knowledge of social media marketing & the use of technology in marketing. Any special technology knowledge is also a plus.

You need to know how to use hootsuite - or be willing to get a quick lesson in how to use it. (You will use this regularly).
You need to know how to use Canva & picmonkey (or be willing to learn) - and how to use instagram; need to know how to use pinterest and upload pictures to pinterest (or be willing to learn how and are self-directed in this area).
A creative edge is a plus.

A working knowledge of mailchimp and how to integrate with other sites is required.

You'll be expected to learn how to use leadpages, have a great social marketing eye, and know how to create pages that gain more leads. Also, knowledge of how to post to WordPress pages are a PLUS!!

Strong spelling/grammar skills & double checks posts for errors before sending/submitting.
Fluent in English (Bi-lingual or multilingual is a plus in either Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and/or Turkish).


Required - Fluent English, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Blogging, Social Media Integration, Social Media Communications, Social Media Education, Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook Marketing, Facebook Fan Page Strategies, MailChimp, Creative, Social Media Development, Social Media Management, Pinterest, Instagram
Preferred - Advertising Copy, Public Relations Skills, LinkedIn, Branded Content Development, Content Delivery, Content Design, Content Development, YouTube, Vimeo, WordPress

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