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Overseas club is the world's first corporate social media sites,in the progress of the project, sincerely invite overseas partners to work together to develop.
Overseas club is a social media platform for enterprises:committed to the global business more efficient, smooth and precise orientation partners, target customers.

Cooperation between enterprises and organizations:

A Overseas club's official website publish member companies profiles.
B E-commerce:Online ordering and sales of enterprise products.
C Project cooperation(Membership enterprise application form)

We have a professional team in every industry:IT digital technology,Biomedicine,
Manufacturing,E-commerce,Finance,Real estate,Arts,International trade and social services etc.Members from all industry practitioners, college students and volunteers who have worked in overseas club for more than 2 years, experienced, a wide range of resources.
Overseas Club:30% of international companies reached a cooperation agreement project monthly, the turnover of about RMB 1 million.


Overseas Club - Corporate Social Media

Global corporate rankings:share information with the industry,supply chain management and target overseas customers and so on a package of services.

At present, we have about 200 enterprises, more than 400 individual members.

General Counsel for overseas companies:

Managers:Mainly join by experienced personnel in various industries,with advice, guidance and membership data management, to integrate resources and technical solutions.

Overseas club team is responsible for corporate business project tracking service to help work at home and abroad based on the needs of their membership application form.

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For more information, please
Official website: www.hedgeadviserscom
WeChat: Overseaclub / USBANK Skype:Sophia-lwx


Overseas Club is an international platform:public relations, market surveys&research, e-mail, telephone communication, interviews, etc., which referral more talents and authorized companies to participate in the overseas club's projects.(Corporate membership: commercial advertising, project cooperation, online ordering products.)
Entrepreneur members:
The Overseas Club’s online media provides business publications and news updates: News and information, dynamic, advertising logos, and global markets, The Social multimedia platform provides necessary information regarding industry analysis with timely feedback, multifaceted business consulting, and other information.

Global shopping, officially launched at Oversea club!

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