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Posted: October 30 2014
Company Location: Philadelphia, PA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 8 Part-time, Unpaid

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Before America’s Next Top Model and a world full of instant star maker reality tv shows one would say that making it in “the business” would probably require that rare “right place at the right time” scenario. Sabrina Ocasio a former Ford Model received her “big break” while walking on the streets of NYC at the age of 15. Sabre’, as she is more widely known, had a successful run at her modeling career which came to a halt when she began to exhibit symptoms of Thyroid Disease and was later diagnosed with Graves’ Disease.

Now, Sabre’ has turned Fashion Mogul starting her own Model Directing and Fashion Show production company Sabre Inc. Never letting her illness keep her from her passion, Sabre’s goal is to let people know about Graves’ Disease through her love of fashion. Her most notable project is her annual charity event Autoimmune Metro Style Fashion Show. This show is her “baby” and sheds light on all autoimmune diseases.

Sabre has come to terms with her new life and is dedicated to making a difference. She knows that her Graves’ did not have to go undetected for so long and strives to make sure that doesn’t happen to others. In her hometown, Philadelphia, Sabre is working on garnering support for a Graves’ Disease center.

The following is an excerpt from her story as told by Sabre. After a year of being mis diagnosed and even feeling the need to diagnose herself Sabre’s journey came to a turning point.





1. Social Media Overviews: Create a 30 minute presentation on the social media platform of his/her choice that includes an overview, how it’s used and how your business might participate.

2. Competitive Analysis: You will need to build a full social media profile analysis of a competitor or client. This might include what platforms they use, how they participate and some metrics do determine how they are successful.

3. Account creation/customization: You will need a social media profile that will attract attention. For example, if it’s a Twitter account, the intern could select a user name, fill in the bio, create a custom background and begin following relevant people in your company’s field.

4. (Social) Media Research: Which social media platforms are your main media contacts using? Are they blogging? Using Twitter? Do they want to be contacted through any of these by your company? This is a long term project, but might be really helpful to some of your colleagues who are apt to “pitch first and ask questions later.”

5. Template creation: Also you should know Photoshop or another design program, it might be fun to have him/her create customized templates for your firm’s Twitter pages or a logo/avatar for your company’s employees..

6. RSS building: I’ve said before that an RSS feed is one of the most important tools for any communications professional. If you’ve never taken the time to set up an RSS reader to monitor social media activity around your brand, your client or your industry, this is an awesome task for an anyone Once it’s set up, though, you have to use it!

7. Blog monitoring: There are hundreds of millions of blogs, and probably hundreds that reference your brand or industry. So how do you choose which ones to follow? Follow instinct

8. Blogging:. It gives future insight into what they can expect as well, which could be good or bad depending on how you treat your brand!

9. Web Analysis:. Must be able to provide an in-depth analysis of your corporate site. Is it easy to find your press room? Are their high resolution product shots easily available? How many clicks does it take to make a purchase? These are just some of the factors that consumers are interested in. A fresh set of eyes from your target demographic might be useful.

10. Video: The communications professional of the future will have a very different skill set than many of us have today. They will likely be well versed in most type of online media, have some ability to manipulate images in Photoshop or Illustrator and most likely know how to edit video. If these are skills your company values, then let them start by recording a couple of interviews with executives and

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Always be on the alert for potentially fraudulent job postings online - never send money to a potential employer.

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